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CONTEMPT OF COURT – PART 2: Self-Created Impossibility Defense

This newsletter discusses contempt of court, and a new case that reaffirms the right to establish offshore trusts without fear of incarceration.

The Jamie Solow Case

The Jamie Solow contempt incarceration case has caused a lot of people to write a lot of articles and offer a lot of opinions – most of which are completely inaccurate. The author, Howard D. Rosen, is one of Mrs. Solow’s attorneys, attended court hearings, testified, and can state with accuracy what actually transpired in this case.

The Morris Case

A lengthy legal ordeal has finally ended for Merry Morris. Much has been written about her case, most of it inaccurate, according to Merry, whom we interviewed on September 25, 2008. We want to present the truth about her case, and what better source for the truth than Merry?

Contempt of Court

Civil contempt incarceration in the context of asset protection planning has been the subject of a tremendous amount of commentary. Some writers seem to have “an axe to grind” in this regard, as they present half-truths and innuendos as if they were the law.

Merrill Scott and the Anderson Case: There’s Good News and More Good News

The APN has repeatedly warned our readers against so called “too good to be true” income tax reduction schemes involving offshore entities. In this issue we’ll see what recently happened in one such case.