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SELLING YOUR BUSINESS? Beware the “Post Sale Price Reduction” – Protect Those Sale Proceeds!

business for sale

This newsletter discusses litigation risks associated with the sale of a business and what a smart seller should do to protect the sale proceeds.


protect home

This newsletter discusses some loopholes to the protection of your homestead, and what you can do to close those loopholes and ensure that protection.


This newsletter discusses protecting an inherited IRA and your own IRA from creditors, particularly in view of the 2014 Supreme Court case of Clark v. Rameker.

CONTEMPT OF COURT – PART 2: Self-Created Impossibility Defense

This newsletter discusses contempt of court, and a new case that reaffirms the right to establish offshore trusts without fear of incarceration.

The Jamie Solow Case

The Jamie Solow contempt incarceration case has caused a lot of people to write a lot of articles and offer a lot of opinions – most of which are completely inaccurate. The author, Howard D. Rosen, is one of Mrs. Solow’s attorneys, attended court hearings, testified, and can state with accuracy what actually transpired in this case.

Cook Islands LLC Legislation: A Long Time Coming

A lengthy legal ordeal has finally ended for Merry Morris. Much has been written about her case, most of it inaccurate, according to Merry, whom we interviewed on September 25, 2008. We want to present the truth about her case, and what better source for the truth than Merry?

Legislative Update: Cook Islands – 2003

In 2002 the Cook Islands were removed from the OECD blacklist (See, APN, XI, No. 2), and, on May 7, 2003, the Parliament of the Cook Islands passed a suite of Acts to update its money laundering prevention laws and procedures with the expectation of also being removed from the FATF blacklist.

Tenancy by the Entireties Protection Weakened: The Craft Case + Cook Islands / Nevis Update

Tenancy by the entireties (“TBE”) is a form of joint ownership which is created during marriage and which can only exist between spouses. Among the traditional legal characteristics of TBE is that one spouse cannot mortgage, sell or otherwise dispose of any portion of the property without the joinder of the other spouse, as the property is deemed to be owned by the marital unit and not by either spouse individually.

Merrill Scott and the Anderson Case: There’s Good News and More Good News

The APN has repeatedly warned our readers against so called “too good to be true” income tax reduction schemes involving offshore entities. In this issue we’ll see what recently happened in one such case.

The Cook Islands Stand Up to the U.S.

The Andersons established a Cook Islands Trust and funded it with (among other assets) commissions earned in connection with marketing late-night water-filled dumbbells and similar products. The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) sought to freeze the Anderson’s assets (along with the assets of others involved in the program) and found, to its dismay, that it could not freeze the Anderson’s assets because they were safely tucked away in a Cook Islands Trust.