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State Exemption Laws: Pitfalls to Avoid (Part 2)

All states provide some degree of “asset protection” through their state exemption laws. Such laws shield certain types of assets, such as homestead, wages, annuities, life insurance and retirement funds from creditor claims. This issue of the APN is the second of two parts addressing the most frequent errors people make in attempting to implement asset protection on their own by using (or failing to use) state exemption laws.

Real Estate Ownership in the United States

Do you own real estate? Are you a shareholder in a closely-held corporation or a partner in a partnership that owns real estate? Are you a trustee of a trust that owns real estate? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should read on….

Florida Exemption Planning

Exemptions are provided by the laws of each state in order to protect specified property interests from being reached by creditors and bankruptcy courts. Each state may adopt its own exemption laws, or may choose to adopt the federal bankruptcy exemptions, or may permit its residents their choice.

Commonly Asked Questions About Asset Protection

During the course of numerous asset protection consultations, we have found that some questions seem to be asked repeatedly. We thought it would prove useful to recount them here, with our responses, for everyone’s benefit.