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Legislative Update: Cook Islands – 2003

In 2002 the Cook Islands were removed from the OECD blacklist (See, APN, XI, No. 2), and, on May 7, 2003, the Parliament of the Cook Islands passed a suite of Acts to update its money laundering prevention laws and procedures with the expectation of also being removed from the FATF blacklist.

Prevention of Money Laundering: Recent Offshore Legislation

The Cook Islands and Nevis have recently enacted anti-money laundering legislation in response to being included in negative reports issued earlier this year by the OECD and the FATF. Neither enactment will have any negative effect on legitimate asset protection planning.

Review of Offshore Jurisdictions: Jurisdiction 4 – Bahamas

With this issue we continue our periodic review of selected offshore jurisdictions. As indicated by the above subtitle, in this issue we will review the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (“the Bahamas”).

New Cook Islands Legislation: Fine Tuning the Law

The new law abolishes the common law “rule against perpetuities”. This means that a “dynasty” trust can now be established in the Cook Islands. Thus, you can establish a trust in the Cook Islands which will continue indefinitely.