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Cook Islands LLC Legislation: A Long Time Coming

A lengthy legal ordeal has finally ended for Merry Morris. Much has been written about her case, most of it inaccurate, according to Merry, whom we interviewed on September 25, 2008. We want to present the truth about her case, and what better source for the truth than Merry?

Offshore Trust / Offshore LLC Combination: Significant Improvement Over Partnership / Trust Structure

Volume X, Number 1 - April / May 2001 © Donlevy-Rosen & Rosen, P.A. Click for full sized image INTRODUCTION.  Many of our newsletter issues and articles have described an effective asset protection plan utilizing a U.S. limited partnership in combination with an offshore trust (“LP/TRUST PLAN”). In this issue,... Read more »

Limited Liability Companies: Ready for Prime Time?

Limited liability companies are being utilized more and more as one state after another adopts a version of a limited liability company statute. A Uniform Limited Liability Company Act was proposed in August, 1994, but as of this writing, no state has adopted it.