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Limited Liability Companies: Ready for Prime Time?

Limited liability companies are being utilized more and more as one state after another adopts a version of a limited liability company statute. A Uniform Limited Liability Company Act was proposed in August, 1994, but as of this writing, no state has adopted it.

Limited Partnerships: A Closer Look

The use of limited partnerships in asset protection planning was generally discussed in Volume I, Numbers 3 & 4. In this issue we will take a more detailed look at how and why limited partnerships are used in asset protection planning, and the limitations of the limited partnership technique.

Commonly Asked Questions About Asset Protection – Part Two

This is the second of two issues devoted to commonly asked questions about asset protection. Among the questions addressed last month were those relating to the significant protection afforded through the use of the family limited partnership.

Commonly Asked Questions About Asset Protection

During the course of numerous asset protection consultations, we have found that some questions seem to be asked repeatedly. We thought it would prove useful to recount them here, with our responses, for everyone’s benefit.